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Nordkapp to Gibraltar

July 2006 / May-June 2013
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Part 1
The Bike
My route
The Start
The NordKapp

Part 2
To Gibraltar


This page is about one of my dreams, riding from the North Cape in the top of Scandinavia to Gibraltar, on the bottom of Spain.
My original plan was to start this trip in the summer of 2005 on my 1984 Honda GL1200 GoldWing. I owned that bike for ten years and it needed a lot of maintenance so I tried to get sponsoring from Honda Netherlands. No luck this time, so, instead of spending money on my old bike, I sold the GoldWing and bought a hardly used BMW to ride to the North Cape.

How it started

It al started with my strong desire to see as much as possible of the beautifull places in the world and I think the best way to do this is from the sadle of a motorcycle.
After relatively short holiday trips in Europe, South Africa and the USA the idea for this a little more adventurous and much longer trip was born on October 24, 2003. It was in the train home from work. The next day I started with the first version of this webpage on my computer.


The plan was to go from my home town in the Netherlands, through Germany and Scandinavia to the North Cape (Nordkapp) in the top of Scandinavia. From that point I wanted to drive South to finish at Gibraltar, the small English rock on the South of Spain and then back home again.

I have planned six to eight weeks for this trip but due to time and budget restrictions, I will do this trip in two parts, the one part to the Nordkapp I just made and another trip to Gibraltar the next time.

The Preparations

First I needed a bike, so I bought my BMW so now I should have a reliable and comfortable bike to drive all the way to the North Cape.

I have spend all my 2005 "biketrip-money" on the BMW so I have just made a few short trips in 2005, to try out the bike and find out what I have to modify before I will make THE trip. After these test trips, I was happy with the bike because I didn't think I needed any real modifications. Just normal maintenance like new tires and so on. I would love to add a Garmin Quest II GPS to the bike for safety reasons (then I don't have to look on the map in my tank bag while driving) I did not have one before I left to the North Cape. Maybe I'll have one next year.

Since my return from the North Cape however, I think that maybe, I was to quick with selling my old GoldWing. The BMW is a very good and reliable bike but it just isn't a GoldWing, the ultimate touring bike so now I bought a GoldWing again to use for the next part of my trip.

Update: July 2007:
I bought a Tomtom Rider 2 Europe GPS and put it on my bike for my trip to Denmark. I am very happy with it. It is even better then I expected.

The tripreport (this site)

During the trip to the North Cape, I have updated this website with very short trip reports and when I was back home again, I replaced the short notes with the real trip report with a lot of pictures.

The start

As planned, I started my trip to the NorthCape on july 5th, the day after my son Michiel his birthday and now I'm home again. Somewhere in 2009, I plan to do the Southern part of the trip, to Gibraltar.
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